Venetian Plastering

If you are satisfied with boring walls, then paint. But if you envision walls or ceilings with depth and color, then talk to us. You can have walls that are works of art and the envy of your friends.

What makes the finished product so pleasing to the eye is the workmanship and natural materials.

We use natural lime plaster mixed with finely groung marble and pigments. The lime has been aged in underground pits for a minimum of twelve months. These slaked lime plasters age well, gaining in beauty and strength with time.

Of course, the beauty of these plasters depend upon the skill of the installer. We at Goodman Plastering Corporation believe we are well-qualified. Since we learned our trade working with traditional plaster, we are very adept with the plastering trowel. This is important because a spatula, used by many in the trade, gives a very repetitive movement on your wall, whereas a trowel gives a more organic, natural look.

One last point: if you have natural light, a Veneciano plaster on your ceiling creates a brilliant finish!


Click thumbnails to show different colors and finishes in the larger photo below:

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